Do you want to hunt or be hunted? This game is 5-68 players. There is 1 old man (Dies on the day = to the amount of werewolves), 1 Hoodlum ( He chooses2 people if they both die he wins), 1 Moderator (Moderator of the game) , 19 Villagers (Their job is find the werewolves and kick them out of the town), 2 Seers ( Each night chooses one person each night and the moderator tells if the are a werewolf or not/ 1 has to be in at least) , 1 Apprentice Seer(Takes the seers job if he dies), 1 Aura Seer (Chooses a player each night and is told if they are not a werewolf or villager), 8 Werewolves (They all wake up each night and choose one player to kill), 6 Vampires (Each night the choose one person during the day that person dies), 1 Witch (kill or heal a player at night once per game), 1 ghost (you are dead and cant talk you stay awake during the night the following day you give a 1 letter clue it cant be names or initials), 1 Amulet Of Protection (The holder of the amulet can’t die), 1 Mayor (His vote counts twice), 1 Insomniac (each night, learn i t least one of your neighbors has woken up during the night), 1 Tough Guy (If you get attacked you survive until the next day then die), 1 Trouble Maker(One night you call out for 2 lynches they next day), 1 priest ( One night a game you can be like a bodyguard and protect someone), 1 Diseased (If you are killed by the werewolfs they can’t eat the next day), 1 Sorcerer (Each night you look for the Seer, you win if the werewolf wins), 1 Thing (each night tap the person next  to you), 1 Bogeyman (If the werewolf doesn’t kill someone quickly you choose for them, you win when all night active people are dead), 1 Martyr (Once per game you take the place of any player who was lynched before their role is said), 1 Dream Wolf (when a werewolf dies you take their spot), 3 Masons (They know who the other mason(s) are), 1 Cult Leader (each night choose one person to join your cult when everyone is in the cult you win), 1 Doppelganger (Choose a player on the first night and when they die you become them), 1 Lone Wolf (You are a werewolf you win if you are the last player), 1 Drunk (You are a villager until the third night when your real role is revealed to you), 1 Prince (If  lynched can reveal and survive), 1 Beholder (You know who the Seer is), 1 Tanner (You hate your job you win when you die),1 Spellcastor (Choose a player each night to silence the next day), 1 Minion (You know who the werewolves are  and vice-versa), 1 Body Guard (each night protect one person), 1 Idiot (You always vote for players to die), 1 Old Hag (Each night you choose a player to leave), 1 Wolf cub (When you die the Werewolves eat 2 people the next night), 1 Hunter (when you die you kill another player that you choose), 1 Count (you know how many werewolves are in each side of the room), 1 P.I. (You see if the person next to you is a werewolf or not), 1 Pacifist (You always vote for people to live), 1 Cursed (If you are attacked you become a werewolf),1 Lycan (You are a Villager but the seer sees you as a Werewolf), and finally 1 Cupid (He chooses 2 people to be lovers if 1 dies the other dies other heartbreak). These are the cards you can be. Each card one the bottom left has either a +# or a -#. The – means bad the + means good you want to have them the same so you want -3 -5 -7 +8 +7 would work. Each person gets a card but don’t show it to anyone. It starts as night and the moderator say … wake up and records it. During the you have your eyes closed and no peeking (For any of you cheaters out there that is bad and ruins the game). During the morning you can nominate two people then you can kick one out (Not good one the first day).  Some packs are different.