I don’t know if I have much more left in me.  I could die this very day.  But I will fight to my last breath against the traps in this awful hole.  And so I go.  When I finished my earlier break I continued to run.  I wish I had been gifted with more stamina, like one of my more burly comrades.  But then I may have been granted with their incredible stupidity as well.  I run for what seems like ages, but to no avail.  The rumbling is catching up with me.  It gets louder.  Very slowly, it gets louder.  But I press on.  And finally, I come across something recognizable.  A lock.  But not just a lock.  A lock, and a fellow adventurer, working on it to the best of her abilities.  I come over with a smile and say I can help.  She just grunts.  I reach my hands over to show her the correct way to do it, and she swiftly elbows me straight in the nose and continues to work.  I hold my nose to keep the blood from spurting out.  What has happened to my friends?  Suddenly I hear a loud cry, and look up to see a small spear implanted in her shoulder.  She has been temporarily removed from this game.  I set to work on the lock, wanting to leave as soon as possible, trying to block out her crying.  I have a feeling she would not except help.  I hear running footsteps against the backdrop of the rumble, and I see Josh round the corner.  I hold up my hands in defence and back away, afraid that he may have gone insane too.  But he just smiles and says, “it’s ok Len.  I’m not crazy.”  I sigh in relief.  He notices the lock and I respond to his glance with, “I have been working on the lock, but…”  I point to my left hand with the cloth around it.  “I am having some problems.”  He glances at the wound with sincere worry on his face.  “I hope that thing isn’t poisoned.” he says.  The thought crosses my mind.  A poison dart.  That made me truly scared.  “In the mean time, I can help with that lock.”  He grins.  I take a brief rest to rejuvinate myself and I write this section of the logbook.  I could die here and now if I don’t make it out.  I commend my soul to the gods above.

I am writing from outside of the tomb of horrors.  I have escaped, alive.  But we can talk about that later.  It is important that I write this down.   Josh and I had set to work on the lock, but neither of us have any success.  Suddenly, I look to where we came from, and as the rumbling turns to a ground-shaking roar, a gigantic boulder rounds the corner far far away from us.  Josh and I stare in horror.  “That thing will squish us if it gets to us!!!”  I screamed.  “Let’s get out of here!!!”  “wait, I almost have it!” Josh says.  “Fine, but I can’t do this with you.  I need to survive!”  And with that, I turn and run for my life.  I round a corner and ahead of me is a long long corridor.  But the end I see my salvation.  Light.  I run as hard as I can, harder than that, harder than I have ever run before.  Every so often I take a look back.  And so begins the sprint of death.  As I take a look, the boulder rounds the corner after it, and right in front of it, a screaming josh.  He has a large artifact in his hands, that must be worth as much as I have collected in total.  He had picked the lock all right.  But he would never make it.  He continued to scream as the boulder closed in on him, and I turned away from the sight and heard a sickening crunch.  Josh was dead.  But there was no time to think about it.  I ran even harder, not wanting to have the same fate.  The light grew closer, but so did the boulder.  I ran and ran, ran and ran, and the only thought was escape.  The light was in front of my face, and I saw trees and greenery, but the boulder was behind me.  Its roar was deafening.  It hit the ground and it shook, and I pitched forward.  I was done.  But then a hand reached out from the world outside and grabbed my flying body and jerked it to the side.  I looked up to see Michael’s face.  I then looked to the side and saw the boulder hit the edge of the cavern with a loud smash.  The cavern was sealed off forever, and any adventurers inside were doomed to death, if they were not already killed by the hole’s perils.  And with that lovely thought, I passed out.

When I woke up, I was staring at a smiling girl.  When my eyes adjusted to the light, I sat up and saw that it was Rebecca.  I looked around, and saw Michael sleeping, and then just blank landscape.  I looked up to Rebecca with a pleading look in my eyes and croaked out, “Others?”  Rebecca’s face fell immediately, and she said, “dead.”  I frowned.  Then I got up and said, “Time for grieving later.”  Michael stood up and stretched, and we talked for a while about the cursed temple, about our adventures, and the fates of our comrades.  We then totaled up the treasure.  Michael had gotten a king’s ransom from his travels, enough to sustain him for ten lifetimes.  Rebecca and I were found to have a similar amount, but both of us had a fortune.  We all were happy, even with our dead ones to dampen the mood.  With treasure in tow, we started to trek back to our homeland to return to normal lives with our new money.  I will never go down again.

I will never go down again.