I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Secret Santa. This year as you may or may not know I entered us into a international Secret Santa game exchange. Our Secret Santa delivered his goodies over the break. Our Secret Santa was from Greece and he was extremely generous to us. I think it is great that a perfect stranger was so proud of all the work you guys do here on the website and in the club to donate to us. He wrote me a message that was very complementary to us all. They think it is really neat the skills you are learning and the efforts you are putting in to make our club strong. Our club would not be what it is without the work of all of you. You guys make this club what it is. I hope to see all of you continue to contribute to the site in the coming years.  Here is the list of games he bought us:

Box Cover - Peloponnes

Box Cover - Formula D

Box Cover - Small World Cursed

Box Cover - Small world Grand Dames

Box Cover - Street Paintball

Box Cover - Tribune

This was an incredible gift that they have given us. This sense of giving to a group such as ours is very touching to me. I think that the work we are doing in our club is important for your development & skills that go far beyond the games we play. I again would like to thank this person for all there generosity. Your a hero in my book. You have helped children learn new concepts, histories, and skill sets. Thanks again.Generosity is not dead in this world. People are still willing to give to donate to others. Yeah! This act of kindness put me in the holiday spirit. Thanks for your generous donation.