Tonight we had two games going. We had pitchcar at one table, and a new game at another table. Tonight we had Max L, Minhal, Mr. Matera, Dakota, Andrew B, Charles,Sasha, Philip, Brookes,Brandon, Andrew, and me. Dakota, Max, Minhal, Brandon,Brookes, and I were playing pitchcar, and the rest were playing the other game. We had a lot of laughs and a lot of fun at Pitchcar, and it sounded like all of the other people were also having fun! This was an awesome night filled with fun and games!!
Pitchcar is a really hard game, and a lot of people were having trouble getting past those jumps that we had to do! Poor Brookes was having the hardest, and Dakota was doing way better and even lapped us a couple of times. He seemed to always be one lap ahead of us! Brookes was really stuck at that first jump. Brandon was just flicking it too hard, and I wasn’t flicking it hard enough. It takes a lot of practice to get good at that game, and most of us learned it the hard way! Dakota got in first place in the first game, and I came in last. During the snack brake though, Brookes and Dakota built this amazing track that was so complex; I could not wait to play on that track! Mr. Matera seemed amazed as well, and thankfully the snack brake was coming to an end, so I could try out the new track. Sense I came in last the first game, I was last to have my turn in the next. It took about 10 or more minutes just to do one lap, and we had many more to do! Brandon was behind me, and kept hitting me forward so far! One time he got me through this little tunnel, past the little curve, and onto the bridge in just one turn! Sadly he went back a little, and Brandon was suck in last. It was taking a while to get to my turn, so I decides to go check out the other game, and it looked like a lot of fun! I also herd that we will be playing it later in the year, so that got me all excited! Dakota had to leave early, which everyone was happy about because he was so far ahead, he was so close to winning again! As the game came to an end, Minhal was first, Brookes was next, then me, Max, and poor Brandon who had gotten me so far ahead, I think that is what made me come in third place!. It was a lot of fun playing Pitchcar, but I think next time, I want to play some other game, that has some stratagies to it! I love going to game club, and I am always so excited for the next one to come!

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