“The fasten-ating railway game where the trains are stationery”

This is a new game that I ordered which is not even out yet in the USA. This one comes straight from Essen Germany. Every year Essen hold the largest game convention, where both new games and designers showcase their products. This one was demoed at Essen in late November 2011. This should arrive this week and I can’t wait. T

As most of you know I like games, even more so I like economic building games, and lastly like interesting games; This game has it all! You are a rail company expanding their empire by building connections to towns, industries, and commercial centers. What makes this one different if you can’t tell is that you are laying paperclips in your color to show your routes. It seems like a light fun game that I can’t wait to play at game club or summer camps.

Here is the description from Essen:

In Paperclip Railways, players initially lay out a fantasy landscape in which to build railway stations; these stations give in- and end-game bonuses and are connected by customizable lengths of track made from paperclips!

Players score for the stations they build from and to, and for how long their railway links are and, at the end of the game, for various achievements. The player with the most victory points is declared the winner.


Comment below what you think. As I said it should be coming this week!