Hello, everyone, and welcome to our new site. The site has lots of changes and I hope you enjoy them. The site needed to be updated due to some software issues. Some of you might have experenced some issues emailing and posting. This upgrade has fixed these issues. The site seems to be running smoothly now.

One of the biggest feature upgrades that was made was with all the community features. You now can do more with your groups, forums, activities as well as post on the “wall” of other members. Another new and exciting feature is status updates. You now can go to your profile and post a short statement about what you are thinking. I hope that these features, as well as our good articles, keep you coming back for more.

With this new site I need some volenteers to write some articles, do some video reviews, and make some video messages. If this interests you, please come and discuss this with me to find a topic that works.

Thanks much,

Mr. Matera