Welcome back all you treasure hunters. I am sending you a little different mission this time. This time you are looking for a word printed in a color somewhere on the site (see example below). The first three students to find it will get gold rewards.


Good luck to all the hunters. I hope to have a quick race. This time I will give out more cash the faster it gets found. So for example if someone finds it today they would get much more gold then the person that finds it in 10 days.

If you’re new at this I will tell you how this works. You don’t want to post the answer here. You want to message me on Thirdfloorgamers.com the answer. In this case you want to tell me the page it was found on and the word/letter that was colored. Good luck!

I will post who found it here andΒ  how much gold they received here in this post.

Happy hunting!

Mr. Matera

People who found it & their treasure amounts!

Minhal: 150 (found it within 2 hours of posting) WOW!
Zach: 75
Max L: 50

And we are done. Nice work guys