Last night we played this really fun game called Heroes of the World. It plays three to four players. You have these to decades, on is ancient and one is modern( not really because the newest one was I think Van Gouh) There were 8 people there, Oliver, John, Sam, Mark, Julia, Minhal, Noe and me. Julia, Minhal, Noe, Mr. Matera and me were at one table. The boys were at the other.
Julia started out. We had these two cards to start out with, and for each decade, there were differnt places we could put these little dudes to conquer it. Julia quickly put her little dude on the Medaterainian. Noe wanted China, Mr. Matera went for the Medaterainian as well, I went for India, and Minhal went for China as well. pic438262_mdNow, the war began! We all wanted to win because Mr. Matera had not played this yet, so we were felling luckey. I just wanted to get some points, but Julia was doing the best. I was picking these cards that were good, but not great, and sense I was almost last, they would get some pretty good cards. As we went along, I started to find some stratagies, but I was still a little lost. It was very interesting to watch everyone find there own special way to get points, and most people were catching on quickly. Mr. Matera was very smart in getting some extra points. There were these cards that cost 7 gold pieces, but they had some very nice bonuses on them. Just in buying them you got 3 points. Mr. Matera caught on to that quickly and was really getting the big bucks! When I thought I was going to win India, Noe found a way to quickly get it from me, so when that was all filled up, she had won that area. I quickly fell behind in points, and I couldn’t get enough to catch up to the others. The others were just one step ahead of me. Right before we had our brake, the boys called out,” Mark has Jesus!” I found that very interesting and I always kept an eye out for that card. After our brake, we went into the next decade. Mr. Matera was in the lead with Julia not far behind. Noe had left so Minhal was next in line, then me at the very last! I did a lot better the second decade. I had learned from my mistakes so I was raking it in. I had bought one of those cards, and that got me up to 12 points!(not much but it was better than it was before!) Mr. Matera was so far ahead no one could ever beat him. I had taken control of Russia, but Julia took it over at the last second. Minhal had to leave so then I was really behind. By the end of the game, it was Mr. Matera, Julia, then me! After we cleaned up, Mr. Matera talked to us about what we would do next time. We came up with a lot of good things. I thought that was a good idea because that definally gave me some ideas so mabe I could do much better. I had a lot of laughs and I am so excited for the next game club!