In wednesday’s game club, after having a fun time playing revolution and ticket to ride, we had some time left.  This is how we decided to play Cash and Guns!  Cash and Guns is not a board game, it is a game where you are actually move around the room!  We did not have enough people to play, even with the entire club, we were 1 person shy.  Fortunately Mr. Wilson was there to join the fun!  So, we started the mayhem.  In Cash and Guns, the objective is to have the most money after 5 rounds of shooting.  There are different gangs, how many depends on the number of people playing.  Our game had two different gangs.  One gang had Shiva, Rebecca, Sasha, and Mr. Wilson, and the other had Matthew, Mark, Andy, and me.  How the game is played, is each captain of each gang (Mr. Wilson and Matthew) comes up to the dealer (Mr. Matera) and takes their share of weaponry.  Then each gang huddles together and chooses who gets which weapon.  There are many different kinds of weapons.  There is a normal pistol, which has no special effect besides sending the person it shoots to the hospital.  There is a bang bang bang pistol.  This one works just like a normal pistol, but it will always fire first.  There is a shotgun, which shoots like a normal pistol but it sends everybody close to the target to the hospital as well.  Then there are special cards.  Kevlar is activated when you are shot, and allows you to endure 1 hit before being sent to the hospital.  There is knife, which is activated when you are shot.  You may take one step and touch someone, and then they must be sent to the hospital.  There is finally grenade, the most powerful weapon.  It activates when you are shot as well.  You can pivot in any direction, and spin around with your arms.  Whoever you touch is sent to the hospital.  Those are all of the weapons.  When the different weapons are handed out, everyone must meander about for ten seconds, and right when the counter reaches 0, everybody shall point their weapon at and somebody else (preferably someone from the opposite gang).  Now you can choose to wimp out and go to the wimps corner, where you shall rejoin next round, or stay and shoot.  Each weapon fires in order, and at the end, the money is divided amongst the remaining people.  After 5 rounds, the team with the most money claims victory!  Cash and Guns is an awesome game, and it is lots of fun to play with a lot of people.  Wednesdays game club was a great time!