Tonight we had a blast. It was a small game night but that was not going to stop us from having a great time. There was only four of us but we were able to get through four games. The first one was To court the King, second we played Bohnanza, and lastly we played Pillage and Plunder (pictured left).

We had J Hood, Isa, Minhal and myself playing. The first game of Court the King was a rousing game where J Hood took and early dice lead. This helped him pull out the victory in the end. In the last round Isa scored 6, ones. Then it was Minhal’s turn. She rolled and got 7, sixes. On her last die she said something that made it to our quote board, so check it out! This put me away cause the best I could have done was tie her. Then it was Julian’s (J Hood) turn. He had 10 dice to work with. He rolled them all and through his good cards and massive amounts of dice he received 10, fours. It was a great game.

The next game was Bohnanza. It is a great card game. You are trying to become the riches bean farmer.  You have two fields at the start of the game to plant your beans in. We all got busy planting our beans. It was a great time. In no time at all we had amassed a fortune. Some of us bought an extra third field, while others (me) did not. The game is funny with all sorts of pictures on the beans. Example: black bean has boxing gloves on and has a big black eye.

In the end there could only be one master bean farmer. I had 21 gold at the end. Isa had 19 gold, Minhal had 17 gold (I think) and J Hood had only 16 gold (I think). It was a close and fun game for all involved. We will have to teach the others in the club about this great game.

After that Minhal had to leave and it was down to just the three of us for the last 15 minutes. We took out one of Zach’s favorate games to play. It was Isa’s fist time on Pillage and Plunder. This is a fun stacking game where you are trying to get the most barrals stacked up on the ship. We were working as a team to see just how many we could stack up. In our first game we reached 10. It took us along time to get back to ten. We kept loosing due to my crazy placements. I would try to put them on the ends. Then we all (mainly me) tried harder. We made it up to 15! Yeah us. Then in the last round we played just to see who would win between us a knock out round. If you were the one who tips it over your out and the remaining two keep playing to see who wins. It was down to Isa and myself. She was a strong competitor but turns out no match for me.

Thanks for playing. I had a great night guys. One of my favs this year. Lots of laughs and good times with good people.

Take care,

Mr. Matera