Game testers are needed for this once in a lifetime opportunity. has been asked to play test an upcoming game. Born to War is the name of the sequel to Taktika; Both games were made by Ian Copper.

Mr. Copper has agreed to have us play test his game. He wants our input. Find ways that could improve his game while pointing out the things we felt did not work well. Thirdfloorgamers picked up the game Tacktika last year and found it to our liking. This is one of Mr. Matera’s favorite dexterity games. Born to War gives new special abilities. This allows each player to use some special traits that only they have to their advantage. Knowing when to use these new abilities will be the mark of a good general.

Students that are interested should contact Mr. Matera by replying to this article. This review process will take a few meetings. We need to play test the game several times and then write up our ideas. Please let me know what you think.

Take care,

Mr. Matera.