I am please to anounce our game club positions for this school year. These folks have worked hard already to make this one of the greatest clubs yet. I hope that through their leadership our club will continue to grow. I want all USM students to learn these great games and see just how fun a good old board game can be. So without further ado I present you are game club leaders:

President: Max L. – 2016
Vice President: Zach N. – 2016
Secretary: Minhal G. 2016
Treasurer: Julia R. 2016
Historian : Rebecca B. – 2016
PR. & Marketing: Ibrahim K. 2016

Congratulations to all.

Thanks to everyone who applied to these positions. You all did a good job applying, now I want to see you do a good job at the job. Take care and I look forward to our year.

Take care.

Mr. Matera