Friday night was the first game club of the year, and it was even more fun as last years first game club! Being a veteran of the gaming world is an honor, and seeing all the new comers grow and develop strategies I believe will be tons of fun! We had a bunch of new people come on Friday, and surprisingly a lot of veterans of Game Club came as well. Max L, Elias B, Teresa K, Michael S, Phillip G (who is now an 8th grader) Vinay J, and me (aka Rebecca:) all came. Sadly I do not know all of the sixth graders names, I only know Annie F and Emma S!

There were two different games at four different tables. One game was Settlers of Catan, and the other game was Ticket to Ride (Europe and America) I was playing the Europe Ticket to ride, because i had never played that before, so I was very excited to play it! At my table was Elias, Teresa, Vinay, and Emma. I was so excited to see Emma play, and we all helped her get the hang of things. The Europe edition is a little different than the American, so I had some learning to do as well. Everyone got their tickets, and all at once they all said “Ah my tickets are horrible!” Mine were the best! I had one 13 point and one 12, but i forget the other. I think it was a 6 point. I decided to go with the two highest ones, which was a very good idea because they overlap each other! I so thought I was going to win! Vinay was doing really well, and shot ahead very quickly. We all were laughing and talking, but weren’t really paying attention to the game as much as we should have. Emma was doing fantastic! I saw the lightbulb click in the game, and at that point I saw her thinking every turn out before hand, and I was just so proud at how fast she learned!

By snack break we weren’t even close to being done! Everyone else was at least half way through their game, but we had a long way to go. We talked for a while too, and this is something I have to put on quotes! So the rule is ladies first for soda, so I went to the front of the line, and Phillip said, “come on Rebecca, you’re a man, man up and get back here!” I am going to give him grief about that for the rest of his life!

Mr. Matera kept getting new games in boxes, so we helped him look at those, and played with the packing peanuts or pigeon poop, or what ever you want to call those things! By about 5:10, and everyone was putting away their game, and we still had a long way to go, we just declared Vinay the winner because he had the most points, and started cleaning up. Then Max, Elias and I playing with the packing peanuts, then we had to clean up those! So it was a really fun night, and I SO cannot wait until the next game club to have much more fun in, and watch the sixth graders develop their strategies!