On Friday Jan. 8 we had our first  game club of 2010 where everyone played Formula D which I thought was one of the best games ever.

We had three separate tables playing and they were all good games. At my table we played two game two games, the first was with me, Brandon S., Sasha, Julian, and Mark. In that game we all pretty much crashed on the second turn and had to start a new game this time with one of the 7th graders in this game we did much better and almost all of us got to the 6th or 7th turn (some of the last) but then I crashed and didn’t get to see the rest of the game. I did see The 7th Graders game wich included Mr. Matera, he ended up winning and dedicated his last 2 rolls to me and Mark ( we had both gotten out earlier in my game)  So all in all it was a good start to a great year of game clubs.

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