In the fifth game club of gaming warriors, we met to discuss the game Conquest Of The Fallen Lands. I played a game with my fellow gaming comrades, Charlie, Ibrihim, Shiva, Sam, and of course myself.  It is a 1-2 hour strategy game in which players fight to be the first to conquer all of the lands and win the most victory points (which is also the game’s currency).  We had a stunning game.  All of us started out as commoners, using what little we had to conquer each of our chosen areas of the board.  Charlie took most of the west side of the board (from my point of view).  Ibrihim also had a large area of the south.  Sam rested with a smaller portion east of Ibrihim, while Shiva and I fought for the north.  As the game progressed, our territories grew in size, and competition became fierce.  We fought for the remaining spaces of the game board.  Charlie had the biggest amount of land of all, but he was a big spender, and his victory points were averaged out.  Ibrihim collected the most money, and his area was second to Charlie’s.  Sam got along with the rest of us, but his territory was small, and so were his victory points.  I was just above Sam, with a mediocre area of land, and lots of points, due to my lack of things to spend them on.  Shiva was very similar to me but he had a little less points on hand.  The final turns were an intense scramble for the remaining places, and Ibrihim came out on top.  He had a kings sum of victory points, who knows how.  I came in second, and Sam came in last, but Shiva and Charlie were close, and I can’t quite recall who was the better of the two.  All in all, it was a great game, and we all finished it with smiles.