Third Floor Gamers are back!

We’re re-launching into another year of game club, refreshing the website to reflect real-time statistics, and sharing highlights from students and advisors.

Game club participants will be sharing “Game Club Greats” via Play-by-plays, video tutorials, game reviews, and news articles.
Play-by plays: These snippets will document what happened at game club. These may include narrative about game play, player statistics, and  funny moments that took place.
Video Tutorials: These video clips outline game objectives, rules for fair play, and an overview of what game play should look like.
Game Reviews: Reviews recall personal experience while playing and offer recommendations for future players.
News Articles: These will cover general game club news– help needed, special events, and announcements.

Our players are excited to herald excitement for gaming! Keep checking back for announcements, updates, new material, and updated ranks!