Welcome to Historical Game Clubs second year running at USM. This year there has been some changes. First off, there is this new site. Second, the way the club is structured is a little different. Lastly, I hope that this year we can improve on what we give back to the gaming community (more on this later).

Lets start with the new site. This site is the combined work of Mr. Matera and Mr. Wilson. The general idea is to have a place to discuss games and share are love of gaming. We hope to have students, and teachers add some content such as articles for reviews, podcasts, and videocast. The site is pretty robust. Create an account with Thirdfloorgamers and you can begin to explore the site to its fullest. To create an account and take advantage of this site you must be in Historical Game club or have attended one of Mr. Wilson’s or Mr. Matera’s summer camps (more to come on these).

Next lets talk about how the club is different.  First off I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to are few supporters last year who donated some money to help us build up a successful club. Truth be told that was not enough funds to keep the club a float. Mr. Matera, spent over $2000 dollars of his own money to help bring in new games and multiple copies so that students could learn the games together. Last year are club had over 100 students involved, however, this setup was an unsustainable path for the club. Looking for new funding sources was not easy given the current economic climate. It was decided that we will leave the option for people who want to donate there at the same time give the club a boost by charging $5 dollars a game night. This cost seems to be minimal at best and I do hope this does not discourage anyone for attending. For five dollars your child are receiving two hours of fun, educational strategy tips as well as a clean healthy learning environment.  If this does cause someone to be unable to attend please come and talk with me. Both the donations and the cover charge go directly back into the club. This is to build up/maintain our game collection. Games cost around 50 dollars for a single copy. Our goal is to have at least two copies of each game but would love to see four copies per game. This would allow more students to get involved and a better targeted instruction for the teachers.

Lastly, I would like this organization to give back to the community at large. I am hoping students will volunteer to write game reviews, session reports, videocasts, podcasts ext. I think this would be good for Thirdfloorgamers in general. We could use our collective experience with games to introduce, teach, learn and share with each other. I would like to offer a challenge to each and everyone of you to donate time to this site and help it grow into a community that we all benifit from.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the games.