Today was a very special day in the game club community.  This is because today game club allowed 5th graders to participate in the fun and excitement of gaming!  Many came to test out the club and decide if they would come in 6th grade.  6th graders taught the 5th graders how to play the games, and we all had a blast!  There were 5 tables set up, three with castle panic and two with revolution.  One of the castle panic tables ended up being unused though.  I was at a table playing castle panic!  I was playing with Aaron, Andy, Dylan, Chris, and a 5th grader.  In castle panic the goal is to defend your castle with the other players and work together to defeat the oncoming monsters, without getting your castle destroyed.  Our game was super exciting!  At the beginning we were doing pretty well, and we kept the monsters at bay.  But slowly, agonizingly, our defenses began to crumble.  Walls were broken down, towers demolished, as we struggled to keep our fort.  This continued until we had only 1 tower left!!  The monsters were still pouring in, faster than ever!  Soon it was clear that we were going to lose.  Two monsters had entered the castle ring, directly next to our sole remaining tower!!  1 more turn, and it was all over.  It was my turn.  My face was doused in sweat, and I racked my nervous brain for a solution.  The fate of the castle rested in my hands! (not to be dramatic!)  I had three cards, and the ability to draw one to replenish my hand.  The 5th grader next to me had a scavenge card, but it was useless because the deck had just been reshuffled, and there was nothing in the discard pile.  Slowly, apprehensive of my own doom, and that of my fellows, I flipped over the top card which was….A BARBARIAN!!!!!  I was saved!  What followed was probably the biggest stroke of luck ever to occur in game club! (again, not to be dramatic!)  I played my barbarian card, and it was thrown in the discard pile.  Then I traded the 5th grader for his scavenge card, played it, and recovered the barbarian!  I then used it again for a second kill!  Thus forth, the two threatening monsters in the castle ring were slaughtered!  We were saved!  But the game wasn’t over yet!  Our monster pile seemed endless, and we still had only 1 remaining tower!  But we were in luck!  Our cards favored us, and we successfully came back, killing all the monsters in our path!  And finally, the pile was reduced to zero!! we had won!!  With a truckload of luck, and some masterful planning by everyone, we had overcome the monsters and defended our castle!! Woohoo!

After this, we played a second game which was entirely uneventful.  Before we could really get into the game, we had to stop and pack up.  Was game club over?  NO!  It was time for, the one, the only, WEREWOLF!!!!!  With our massive amount of people, we gathered in to collect our roles and start the chaos!  it was another great time!  First, it seemed as if the werewolves were going to win, as villagers were killed left and right.  (I was the first to die! Boohoo!)  But eventually the werewolves were found and voted out of town!  Soon there was only 1 elusive wolf left to find!  He killed a few more innocents, when finally, he was rooted out from the crowd, and killed!  The villagers prevailed!  Then game club was over, but everyone had a blast, just like always!

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