I am please to announce that today we had our first game night of the year and it was a successful one at that. We had two games being played. On one table we had a rousing game of Settlers of Catan and on the other we had a Revolution!

Settlers of Catan is one of my favorate games. It was my “gateway game”. Gateway games are games get non-gamers into this new world of Euro-games. Euro-games are the new style of boardgames coming out of Europe. The new style of games are ones that rely less on luck and more on long term and short term planning. Ok I will just say it. It involves more on strategy. Settlers is a great game that can suck about any person in gaming. It is a fast paced trading game where you are building up your fledgling colony. You produce some of the recources you need to create a larger community. However your fellow competetoros on the island of Catan are also building up their coloneys. They too make produces that you do not. You all need each other. It is a race to develop Catan.

Tonight, we had three new comers to the game. Private, Charlies, Shiva, and Mark. Against Staff Sergeant Andrew. This is Andrew second year in the Historical Game club. He is one of the best. He has really developed over the two years into a strategy machine. I hope that he will continue to pursue this interest and hopefully teach others some good tips along the way. As I am sure it will come as no surprise to you then when I tell you Staff Sergeant Andrew won the game. The three Privates gave a good effort and came close to victory.

On the other table we had three new Privates and myself playing a great game called Revolution!. We had Privates Julia, Rebecca, and Phillip all joining the race for the most support before the revolution comes. Revolution BoxThis is a fast pace blind bidding game with some area control thrown in. Rebecca quickly took control of the fortress, where I had an early lead in the harbor, Julia had taken the town hall and Philip was battling it out for control of the Market place. In the end the game could have gone to any of the factions fighting for control. I was very excited to see just how much thought my three new Privates put into the game. I saw over the course of the game their thinking get deeper and deeper. They were considering better options then they previously had. I am so proud of these guys and I don’t think it will be long till they are game gurus themselves.

After some people had to leave we still had some time so I grabbed a light game called Bang! This is a fun light game where you have to figure out whos side you are on before the other teams figure that out. You then must accomplish your teams goal before the other team does. I was an outlaw. It was funny. Rebecca was the Shariff and in the game when I shot her we played the song I shot the Sheriff by Bob Marly. We all got a big laugh out of that. I can’t wait till another great game night. I hope to see all of these guys there and if I could get some new players.

Remember guys if you would like to get some points write a review are ask about doing a video/podcast about a game you have played.

Take care,

Mr. Matera (Red Player)