On the night of October 12th 2010, 6 brave souls explored a haunted house. When the exploration was over, only 3 remained. The Betrayal at the House on the hill was a very fun and spooky game. What you basically have to do is explore the house by moving to different rooms. Each room has a special purpose. Some rooms will give you power ups or reduce your power. Almost all the rooms in the house let you draw either an event, omen, or item card. Our game with Saji, Arash, Natalie, Theresa, Saji’s brother, Mr.Matera and I started out with Everyone but Saji and I exploring the ground floor. Saji and I went on to explore the upper floors. Eventually, Theresa went upstairs to find herself falling through a hole in the floor, two floors to the basement. She would be stuck down there for a while. I eventually got a dog, a madman and a medallion. Saji eventually got the holy talisman. Arash eventually got a rifle also(and she was playing with a nine year old girl). A girl with a teddy bear and a gun is really creepy. I eventually got the all powerful mystic elevator, which would allow me to get to the basement to help Theresa.  Finally, we get to begin a haunt. A haunt is where if you get an omen card, you roll 6 dice, and if you roll less than the number of omen cards in play, a haunt begins.  I initiated the haunt by getting the medallion omen card. This would mean we got haunt 21.  I cannot explain much more than that or that would be spoiling the fun for anyone who gets that haunt. We did not get to finish the game because of time issues, but it was an awsome game. Anyone who likes creepy things will get a special kick out of this game.

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