Yomi, is my all time favorite game. It is one of the games that Mr. Matera got in his latest shipment and we were the first people to play it. It is a two person game and you have ten characters to choose from. Each character has it’s own special ability. Personally I like the Benjamin Franklin type dude. The deck of cards is like a normal deck that you’d play Solitaire with. In a way this game is like rock paper scissors because in the game you can attack, throw or dodge/block. Attack would beat throw, throw would beat dodge or block and dodge/block would beat attack. If both you and your partner play an attack or throw whoever’s card is faster does the damage. If my speed was 4.3 and yours was 2.2 you would win because your time is faster. If you are to do play a combo your cards they must go in consecutive order like 5,6,7 etc. This game is a video game made into a board game without all the gory, bloody stuff. It is intense, interesting and you can always try a different tactic.When you first play it’s a little confusing and the instructions don’t always make sense until you’re playing. The first time you play it usually take about 35-40minutes. But, after you understand the rules this is more of a filler game. Ellie and I finished it in ten minutes the second time we played it together.

If I were to rate this game I would give it 10/10. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone. The only con is that since it’s a two player game not everyone can have a mat if you need to play lots of people.