Worm up is a super fun game. You need two to five people. You have these little circle shaped block things that are all one color.(red, yellow, green, blue, brown) You line them up like a worm-oooooooooo. The blocks should all be in the same row. With the blocks, comes tiny cardboard rectangles. There are five for each person.  They are all upside down in front of you. On the rectangles, each person has a 4,5,6,7, and an x. These are to determin how far you move. (You get to pick which one you’d like to move. It’s not like you pick a random one.)Four means you move four, five means you move five, etc. But, the x is different. Let’s say there are three people. You’d count to three and turn over the rectangle you picked. (One number/x per round, per person.) If two or more people pick the same number/x, none of them can move. Now, if one person picks the x and two or more pick the same number, x gets to choose how many x wants to go. But, let’s say someone else didn’t overlap numbers. They get to move whatever they’ve shown on their card. If there are any numbers left, that’s what the x gets to choose from, or any numbers left over. There is also a finish line, so if you get an x when no one else does, you get to choose a remaining number and move the finish line. To move the finish line you need to keep one side down and move the other side. In other words, you put your finger on one side and twist the other side. Now to move your worm move up, you take the circle from the back and place it in the front of your worm. It’s easier when you’re actually playing it. Hey, great idea! Will you Worm Up to the Challenge? I hope this makes sense. If it doesn’t, leave questions or comments below. Thanks!