This is a quiz to help you find out what type of boardgamer you are and what kind of games you might like. It will also be kind of silly as well, hope you enjoy. As a reminder please don’t read the results or scorecard section until you actually get there it takes all the fun out of it if you go straight to that, thank you.

1. Where do you get your board games?

a. Your local game store

b. A grocery store

c. Order online

d. Mr.Matera’s room ( If you chose this answer go straight to this question in the scorecard and go straight to the corresponding result in the results section.)

2. Which is most fun to you?

a. Destroying all in your path

b. Making a ton of gold

c. Building a railroad system

d. Casually having fun with your friends

3.If someone stole your win by just a couple points at the last second, would you:

a. Congragulate them on winning

b. get over it.

c. blame it on any person you feel like

d. Go only after them in the next game you play with them and make sure they take last even if you go down there with them.

4. Would you play a game that…

a. had you playing against the board with other people on a team

b. allowed you have total domination of everything.

c. gave you money for buying shares of a railroad company.

d. Doesn’t take too much strategy but is still fun.

5a. This question is two part. Is Mr. Wilson an awsome singer yes or no? 5b. Is your motive in any militaristic game to destroy enemies or make allies.

6. Do you:

a.  Find yourself thinking about trains more often than not

b. Find yourself thinking about being a business man or women

c. Find yourself thinking about becoming a leader that will start a war whenever he/she feels like it.

d. Find yourself thinking about something other than board games all the time.

7. When you have beaten a common enemy with allies and it is possible split his gold/treasures, do you:

a. split the treasures equally

b. split the treasures based on who did the most work with you getting the most treasure even if you did nothing

c. eliminate your teammates because you want all the money


1. A- 1 pt. B-1 pt. C-1 pt. D- 1 billion pts.

2.A-10 pts. B-7 pts. C-5 pts. D-1 pt.

3.A-1 pt. B-0 pts. C-who do you actually blame? D-10 pts.

4.A-4 pts. B-15 pts. C-8pts. D-1 pt.

5a.Give yourself a pat on the back because he’s an awsome singer if you said yes. If you said no then you are crazy.

5b. If you chose the first option give yourself 20 pts. If you chose the second option subtract 3 pts.

6.A-3 pts. B-6 pts. C-10 pts. D-subtract 2 pts.

7.A-1 pt. B- 5 pts. C-15 pts.


0-15 Regular Joe

You are more of a casual gamer that plays simple and fun games. You tend to find allies if you play a game in which it might be useful. You also most likely play for just the enjoyment and don’t really like to get into really intense strategy. I would recommend games like worm-up and pitch car.

16-25 Trainiac

You probably like games that involve trains and that have building aspects to the game. It is pretty fun to just go and see how long you can get railroad track. I would recommend games like the ticket to ride series.

26-35 CashStacher

You are more of an entrepreneur who likes to make a lot of money and get points with the money. you like to build up as much as you can until the end of the game where everyone is looking at you thinking  you stole their fortune ( which a lot of games let you do) and you just reel in the points. I would recommend games like dice town or longshot.

36+ 5 star general

You are pretty militaristic. You like to take over as many areas as you possibly can. You raise a massive army rather than side with other nations and make alliances.  Everyone is most likely against you from the begining if you make too much of a name for yourself. I would recommend games like memoir 44 or heroes of the world.

1 billion pts. Put your hands in the air!

The cops are onto you man/women, we’ve been hunting you down since the beginning of game club. You’ve stealing games from Mr.Matera so you wouldn’t have to go buy them. The judge has already given you your sentence. That is to drink a whole 12 pack of tab soda. Any last words. “Personally I’m too cool to die.”