The other night we had a great time playing some pretty cool games. The first one we played was Werewolf. We all played together and had lots of laughs. Then we broke up into two groups; one playing Bang and the other playing the Resistance. This review is brought to us by both Brandon and Leo.

Werewolves is a game about mystery and action. The object of the game is that in the beginning you have a card you secretly look at it. If you are a human your objective is to kill all the werewolves. If you are a werewolves you have to kill the humans till there is as many humans as there are werewolves. There are two phases, first in the day you can vote on people to be killed if you think there a werewolves. The second phase is night, at night the seer on the humans asks the asked (Mr.Matera)  who is what by pointing to one person( while everybody’s heads are down and the lights are off). then Mr. Matera aks the bodyguard who to protect. Then Mr. Matera ask’s the werewolves to choose there next victim quietly. I recommend this game to anybody who likes a large amount of players and mystery.

Leo says “I thought the game was really fun. I loved being a werewolf. I thought it was the best part. It was my favorite game so far.”

Than on to Bang for us…

Bang! is game all about abilities and weapons. at first the rules are kind of confusing but after you get the hang of it it’s a blast. The objective of the game is that if your a out law you try to kill the sheriff. and if you’re a deputy or a sheriff you try to kill the outlaws.I would recommend this to people who like weapons and fun and the wild wild west.

Leo says “Although I didn’t get all of the rules, I thought the game was ok. I thought it was boring at the beginning but got better as I understood the rules a bit better.”

I hope you guys liked our shared review…
Until next time.
Brandon & Leo