This day in game club a epic battle took place. A war between France and England in Quebec. In this game I had to play Will Venable. To begin I was France and he was England at first we started off even but after I lost a couple of units I knew that this game was over. Some of the rules in this game are that you do your move at the same time this is different from other games because you don’t have time to do your move  and look it all happens at the same time. The point of the game for England is to take a province called Abraham and have twenty points France only has to protect it. But with the English having much more powerful units and people quitting every time the  English moves forward makes this game very hard but don’t count the french out yet they have a secret weapon the Indians the Indians can go forward anywhere on the board and attack with double the power plus the Indian can scout making the other guy show you for of his units. Something else that is hard is that you don’t know what the other person has which makes this game hard but very fun.

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Quebec 1759 By Columbia Games - Game Box

The Fierce Indians