Hello all you gamers. Victory Points Summer camp has come and gone, just like the past years. It was a fun filled time with lots of laughs, and a ton of good games. I saw students rise to succeed in tournaments and fall in afternoon capture the flag. I can honestly say that this was another great summer of gaming. I would like to thank all of you who come to the camp. You are the ones who make it what it is. Mr. Wilson and I put a lot of time and effort into these camps and want to see them go well. You made sure of that this summer. You all did a wonderful job respecting each other, you walked away from a busy gaming table to do a confessional, and most of all you came to learn and play together. I really think this is a unique camp that offers a wonderful opportunity for you guys to have a great time all while pushing your brains to the limit. They are long days that are filled with all sorts of fun. The most important element that makes the camps so fun and unique is the students who attend. You guys are the greatest.

Thanks for all the good times. I am really looking forward to having students come to the August camps. I am sure there will be more great gaming and good videos created. I can’t wait and I hope to see some of you who are reading Thirdfloorgamers.com in the summer are people who are going to attend in August.

Take care,

Mr. Matera