On this Wednesday at game club I played  Seven Wonders. It  is now one of my top five favorite games. The Seven Wonders are the statue of Zeus in Olympia, the Colossus of Rhodes, the lightning house of Alexandria , the temple of Artemis , the hanging gardens of Babylon , the mausoleum of Halicarnassoe, and the pyramid of Giza.  To start the game, pick a wonder and get three gold coins. In the game, there are three ages. Next, deal out all the cards. They’re many different cards that you could get in a hand. The brown and gray card are resources at the disposal of the player.  These help to acquire all the other cards. They usually cost one coin or nothing at all. Once the brown or gray card is acquired, they can be used as a resource forever. The blue cards are just flat-out victory points. The red cards are military cards. In the end of each age, look at the person to your right and left and if you have more red cards you get point. If you have less, you get negative points. The gold cards are very complex and can do many things. They are considered a gold card if they just have numbers. There are other cool ones that help with trading. If you don’t have a resource, and your neighbor does, then consider trading from them. Pay a gold coin to them and the bank. If you hold the special card, then you only have to pay to them. Sciences are the green cards. In the end, the sciences gave Mr.Matera over 21 points.  Lastly, the purple card is a wild card and it can do many things. There are two more components to the game that are important. At the bottom of your wonder card,  there are things  you can do to build the wonder. If you do those things it helps you in many different ways (depends on wonder). The last twist to this game is that of the cards.  After you play your card, you put your hand down, but then the person to your right  gets your cards for  their next turn. In all I’d rate it 8 out of 10.