The Resistance is a really cool card game that can provide two or more players. The game starts out with people randomly picking if they are going to be “good” or “bad”. Next, The chosen captain picks players to send them on a mission. All the players vote (except the captain) if this is a worthy decision and if the majority vote says yes, than the mission takes place. When this mission takes place, the people on the mission have two cards, one being “bad” and one being “good”. If they are on the “good” side than they throw in the “good” card and if they are “bad”, then they throw in the “bad” card. If all the cards are “good”, then the “good” side wins, but if just one of the cards are “bad” then the mission is sabotaged, and the “bad” team wins. When each team wins they get to put one of their markers on a board. They repeat this process (with the captain staying the same) until one of the teams dominate the board with markers. This game is very fun for its “Poker Face” game play and deceiving moves.

Rating: 8/10