My name is Len Tso Yau.  I have banded together with some of my fellows to explore the long avoided temple, said to be cursed.  But we, “The Adventurers”, believe there is treasure hidden deep in its bowels.  I am writing this before we descend the steps inside, as a logbook.  If I am to not make it out alive, then this will be the only recording of what happened here.  Perhaps it will help future daring explorers to not make the same mistakes that I might make.  We have finished organizing provisions now.  It is time to descend.

Things have gone wrong.  I am alive, but I fear that that will change very fast.  I am writing from the first rest that I have allowed my body to take for food and water.  I don’t have much time, as I must continue on soon.  As we entered, nothing seemed wrong.  We walked forward, and already, my comrades shouted gleefully as they dug up bits and pieces of ancient treasure and writing in strange codes.  But I pressed on.  Something seemed off about the room I was in, and I had a sense that greater treasures lied ahead.  My feet echoed in the rooms wide space.  And that’s what it was.  Wide and barren.  But there was something hidden there.  I knew.  And then it happened.  The walls began to close on us.  My fellows shouted in fear behind me, far behind me.  I was glad I had ran ahead.  I ran even faster, and I heard my fellows do the same.  Smart them.  I saw a golden object protruding from the earth, and i thought, why not?  I quickly took my spade and unearthed it.  a beautiful object, and not too heavy.  I stuffed it in my bag and continued running.  I found one more such treasure and escaped the room with the collapsing walls far ahead of the rest.  But those walls were still open wide, and I knew we would all make it.  Ahead of me, there was a rocky wall.  To the left, I heard a distant rumbling.  It didn’t sound good, so I chose to run right.  My fellows soon followed me.  Suddenly, we came across a large pit of a room, with us at the top of it.  Below was a rumbling, and a red glow peeking out from a few cracks in the ground.  Magma.  But also along the pit was much golden shiny objects, and other such treasures.  As my friends caught up with me, they stopped short.  Then one shouted, “Oh YEAH!!” and charged headlong into the magma area.  He started to collect a few treasures.  Others followed him, and some stayed on the edge.  Their greed had overtaken them.  I wasn’t stupid enough to go over there and risk falling through shallow ground to death.  Life over riches, any day.  The rumbling grew louder, and I knew it couldn’t be good.  This spurned me onward, as I saw an opening on the side of the pit.  I ran towards it and entered a thin hallway.  Everything was silent, I was the only one who had travelled this way.  The only sound was the rumbling, which scared me to deep in my bones.  I walked further, for my energy was waning.  Finally, I had to stop, but not before I had found a couple of devious locks!  Yes!  I knew that my knack for picking locks and my deft fingers would help me here.  That was why my comrades had even brought me along.  There were probably riches in those locked areas, and I would reach them.  But I had to rest and regain my strength.  And that is where I am now.  But I cannot rest much longer.  The rumbling grows slightly louder with each passing moment.  This is where I end for now.

I am still alive.  As twisted as that is, it is my only consolation. I can only hope these winding tunnels will end soon.  I don’t know how many have been lost.  Some of my friends, probably.  But I cannot dwell on that.  Survival is key.  When I had found the locks, I knew luck had favored me.  After a few attempts and inspections, both of the locks were downed, although I had noticed some keen traps in the locks that could have killed anyone less experienced.  I had received wonderful treasure that I have stored in my bag.  It grows heavier, but not enough to slow me down too much.  The heavier, the richer I am.  I kept moving forward.  Things were going up for the time being.  I found two more similar locks next to each other, and I allowed myself a smile.  I started to work on the first lock.  I was almost done unhinging it, when I heard a snap.  The lock fell off and from within the space it had opened up, a dart as wide and long as my finger flew towards me.  Only my quick agility saved me.  I leaped sideways but not before the dart stabbed me in my left hand, right through the palm.  I screamed in pain, but then clamped my mouth shut with my good hand.  No use in arousing more enemies in this terrible hole.  With bravery I didn’t know I had in me,  I ripped the dart out of my flesh and pain tore through my hand and my left arm.  But I bottled it up, and started to attend to the wound immediately with my minimal medical skills.  I tried to tend to it, but the rumbling shook my nerves, and my body.  I patched it up as best I can, but while I did, a group of my friends stumbled in from a side passageway and saw the lock.  The three of them together tried to pick the lock with their failed skills.  But they managed, not without a few cuts.  They took the loot greedily and laughed in my face.  I didn’t waste my breath cursing them as they ran, but if I had breath to spare, I would use it on them.  I stood and ran forward.  With my hand down, I wouldn’t be picking anymore locks anytime soon.  I ran and I ran,  in the distance I saw a bridge with a river and waterfall running below it.  Then I noticed a friend was on it.  I called to her, and she smiled at me.  But it was an evil smile.  She ran the length of the bridge and shook it once on the other side, and all of the boards fell down, aside from a few.  It was impassable.  Just like the rest, greed had overtaken their mind.  I met up with a friend, Michael Matera.  He seemed still sane, and so I talked with him urgently.  He was planning to jump into the river and climb up on the other side.  I told him he was mad.  But he said, “I have no choice.  And do you not see the glittering in that pool?  There is treasure down there.”  He said this with a gleam in his eye.  But he hadn’t gone mad.  Yet.  He was in my boat.  But I was always a poor swimmer, and so I decided to travel through more twisting passageways rather than take my chance with that deadly waterfall.  He jumped in and I wished him good luck.  I continued on, but could not move far, because my body screamed at me to stop.  So I did.  And this is where I am writing now, taking a second break for food and drink, though I have lost track of time.  All the while, the worrisome rumbling grows ever louder and closer,  now even shaking the ground I walk on.  But looking back, I cannot see where it is coming from.  And so I end this section of the log.  Hopefully it is not my last.