Today after game club ended Claudia Susana Clayton Ishan and I decide to rent a few games to play one of which was Betrayal at the house on the hill. This game is not for those with weak minds and stomachs with scares around every corner and fights waiting to happen. In this game ended up being the monster I WAS THE TENTACLE HORROR. The good guys had to get to the crystal ball to know the truth. But in my first move i attacked Ishan, he stood no chance against my tentacles. After Ishan was dead I went for Clayton and Claudia. After they were both dead it was only me and Sussana I attacked her once and she survived and got to the crystal ball after that she knew what she had to do she quickly took the magic elevator to the basement where she then survived another attack then she got to my head were she had to kill me from and then I attacked with the final blow and after her being weakened by my first to attacks she was no match for the head and I killed her. Once again Mr.Matera chooses another great game for kids to play I would completely say play this game.