This was our 7th game nigh, it they just keep getting better and better! Sense we only had seven people Mr.Matera, Minhal, Philip,Jullian, Max h.,Max L., and me, we played this really fun game called Shadow over Camelot. It was based off of the meeting at the round table, and had a bunch of interesting characters. At the beginning of the game, we all started out at the round table. There were different conquests, and it took one turn to get to that conquest, where ever it was. There was one exception though, we all had these special powers, and Philips was that he could go to a conquest, and still be able to put a card down. You were playing the board in a way, so you had some white cards for your turn, but black cards for the boards turn. All of the black cards were something bad for the loyals, and some of them really hurt the team. In every turn, you had to do something bad, and then something good.Also in the game, there were these white swords, and black swords. The point for the people who were loyal, was to get as many white swords as possible. The trader, who was against the team, wanted to get as many black swords as possible, so that he/she could win. There were a lot of ways to lose for the loyals. Surrounding this one spot, there were these spots, that people could place little catapults around the area, and if all those spots are taken, then the loyals lose! You wanted to win all of the conquests, or else there was a punishment. You lost a life or two, got a black sword, or just these really bad things happened. Each player starts out with 4 lives, but can lose them very quickly.
Minhal started out. We each picked a card telling us if it you were a loyal, or a trader. Thankfully you could accuse people of being the trader, so that was fun guessing! Next was my turn, and I was a loyal. Then Max L., Mr. Matera, Philip, Jullian, and finally Max H. Minhal went to a conquest and so did I. Max went to help me with my conquest, and the only person who didn’t go to a conquest was Mr.Matera. All of the black cards we picked were horrible, and one of the white cards that Max L. got said that he could pick up 5 of the black cards and rearrange them however you liked. He said that everyone of them was bad, so I got really curious, and I picked up almost everyone of them. Like I told you earlier, I was a loyal, but you could also accuse others of being the trader. Max L. accused me, and I had to say no. Everyone got really mad at me, but eventually it subsided a little. I offered to leave, but reluctantly I stayed. By the end, because of the damage I did, and some of the black cards other people got, we lost.Mr. Matera ended it because of this one black card, the conquest I was fighting lost because of that one black card! But who was the trader?? It was Minhal! She did a really good job of keeping us thinking that it was everyone else, so she won! I laughed when I found out, and she told us all of the secrets she had, and we all were impressed on how well she did of keeping that secret. I wish I would have done a better job at that game!