In this game you are each a person with multiple scores on the bottom of your guys no in this game the ground is disappearing and going fast with at the end of everyone’s turn a new piece goes away now there are boats which can carry you and if you choose allies to safety on for small islands. It may seem nice and easy but with sea monsters that kill your guys sink your boats and eat your swimmers and sharks Whirlpools and whales around every corner this game is bound to be a hard one. In my game I was playing leo jack and tim in the beginning we all decided to be allies but that quickly changed when people started to make each others people go into the water and get eaten by sharks. One of the highlights of our game was when we finally caught up to tims boat which had 6 guys in it with a sea monster and we sunk it and all of his guys died. Over all I really insist that you play it when given the chance.