Just an update on the Summer Camps and a lot of promotions that have taken place.

Summer Camps are reaching maximum capacity.

Victory Points Camp 1: Filled
Victory Points Camp 2: Filled
Stay Sharp Camp 1: 2 spots left
Stay Sharp Camp 2: 6 spots left

The camps are a great time and I hope all that would like to come can find a spot.

On to the promotions. These fabulous students have all earned themselves a promotion:

Annie F.
Danny S.
Ellie B.
Emma S.
Jack S.
Josh H.
Katie F.
Leo S.
Lizzie K.
Matthew M.
Max L.
Nate R.
Philip G.
Rebecca B.
Saji R.
Tim S.

Thank you all for your continued support and dedication to having a great time at game club.