Many of you know that I have been working on Special Forces for a long while. Well today is the day I post the new and improved version of Special Forces. Special Forces, which is a subset of Game Club, is for students who demonstrate both interest and ability in learning deeper strategy games. This opportunity might not be for everyone. Mr. Matera will be looking to see who in Game Club might make good candidates for the Special Forces.  If you are selected and you accept this honor you will be allowed to signup in the gray area of the signup sheets, you will be invited to Special Forces only game clubs and you will be pushed to try new larger strategy games.


Game Club is for everyone. Special Forces is for those who want more and can take the responsibility to tackle this larger games. Members of Special Forces will have to understand that they are required to pay close attention during games so that we may finish them in time. They will also have to stay focused on other players turns so that the game will move quickly. Each year the Special Forces resets and members will have to re-commit to being a dedicated member of Special Forces.

Those of you who choose to accept this mission will be in for a rewarding time of playing several deep strategy games with other members who are equally dedicated to a good time and great gaming.