Hello to all gamers, and those members of thirdfloorgamers.  In this website reminder, I would like to bring up a topic that has, well, not been talked about.  Groups.  Here at thirdfloorgamers, as many of you know, members have the ability to create a group of people that can be themed, or be just a group in general.  They may invite members to the group, and talk amongst themselves in the group.  The reason I am bringing this up is quite simple:  Nobody uses them very much. Sure, there is some positive talk from a few days after the group began, but after that, its few and far between.  Not to say we should get rid of these groups, but when you are in a group, particularly if you are the leader, you are supposed to talk to the other members.  Currently thirdfloorgamers has around 15 groups.  Almost half have never even been talked in.  I am a member of most of game club’s groups,and I have never seen any form of conversation between members.  To keep it simple, what I am trying to say is, if you create a group, talk in it!  And if you are in a group, check the conversations!  Add to them!  Talk about games, strategies, etc.  Just don’t create senseless groups that you never use.  For example, I was looking through the groups on our website, and found that there are two groups that are both generally titled: Fans of Werewolf.  I looked into both, and have seen no activity whatsoever.  And I am not saying this hasn’t happened to me either.  I created a group, and since then, there has been little to no conversation.  Talking in groups would be great for our website.  I just wanted to bring this up.  And also:
Happy gaming to all!
-Max LSite