For another time, tonight was maxed out! We even had some new kids that came last time came again. Also we had two new comers, Teresa and Daryl. We had three tables going and at my table, there was Shiva, Minhal, Max, Josh, Philip, Aaron, and me. We were all playing the awesome game, Shadows over Camolot!
Sense Josh new the game more, he went first. Then Minhal, Aaron, Philip, Shiva, me, and Max. The fist couple of turns that every body had were kind of simple, but about half way into the game, things started to get interesting! We were trying to find every loop hole of every bad card we got, and Max was soon swirling down the drain because he was trying not to pick any of the things that would destroy our chances of winning. I was taking some life points too, but not as quickly. During snack brake, some of us were talking, and we all agreed that Aaron was probably the traitor. As out turns went on, Aaron seemed more and more suspicious looking. Finally Josh accused him, and he was the traitor! That was an exciting moment, and we were all very elated! Now we could do everything in our power to keep Aaron from winning! Soon I was swirling and was trying to win this conquest with Shiva. Thankfully I had a very nice special power that allowed me to take two turns without sacrificing a life, so I could finish of the conquest and get some life back! The end of the game was coming fairly quickly, and it looked like the loyals were going to win! We just needed one more sword, white of black, and the loyals would win. Just to get the game done, I accused Max of being the traitor, and we finished the game! For the first time, the loyals had won a game against the traitor, and we were all happy about that, except Aaron who lost, but was a very good traitor for his first game!