Today in came club we played Shadows Over Camelot again. As you may know, last time we played, I was the traitor as well as King Arthur. Although this time I was not King Arthur, I was the traitor again. When we started playing, I immediately  went to the excalibur quest so I could get rid of all my good cards. The first card I gave up was my merlin. I was very close to winning the quest(the only quest I would win) and getting excalibur when Julian flew over and discarded the last card and won excalibur when I did all the work! That didn’t really matter because I had a bigger problem. We were getting a lot of white swords and not any black swords. The only way I could win now was if I got all of the siege engines down, and we had three more until the spots were filled up. I didn’t want to take any because then people would start suspecting me as the traitor. So instead of putting a siege engine, I put a card. I t didn’t really matter anyway because the card got us a siege engine. When it came to Mr. Matera’s turn, he drew a card that made him draw the next three cards. one of those cards happen to add 2 more siege engines which meant I won! Shadows Over Camelot is now my all-time favorite game!

Here was the Traitor!

Shadows over - part