Our third game club was a complete success! I believe we were all filled out on the sheet, so that is awesome for it only being out third time this year! Great job Mr. Matera! So last night we were playing two different games. Shadow Hunters, and one game I wasn’t able to find the name out, but Max L, Josh H, Teresa K, and Mr. Matera hopefully will comment on this saying what it was. The rest of us (which was a lot) played Shadow Hunters!

I got to be able to teach that game by myself, so I was very excited, but a little nervous because I hadn’t played that game in a while. At my table was Annie, Liz (i remembered your name) Ellie, Emma, Danny with a y, and Rash. I apologize, I don’t know how to spell your name. I explained the game, and then we began! They all got it really quickly, and I was really proud of them! I told them off the bat that I could look at their cards and stuff if they were confused, and I surprised myself on how much I remembered how each card worked, and how to play the game right! The only thing I forgot was the attack, but I finally remembered that part! No one was really attacking, but as I predicted, everyone went for the green cards, or Hermit cards as it is in the game. But that wasn’t giving anyone any damage! No one attacked, and that surprised me that not even Danny wanted to attack! He seemed so in tuned with the black cards and getting guns that would help him attack, but hardly ever did! I found it really funny that everyone got these equipment cards that would help them attack, stole them, got cards that would hurt other people, even their competitors, but never bothered to use them! I started to attack Rash just because she was the closest one to death, so I went after her, but Emma kept saving her, so I thought that was really funny! By about 5:10, Danny quite in the MIDDLE of the game, and Rash had to leave. That was two shadows, so we thought we would just declare the hunters the winners because they were close to winning anyway, so Annie and Emma won that game.

We had some extra time left, so we decided to play Werewolves! I LOVE that game, so I was super excited to get it! Bad part was I was a villager! Nothing against villagers, but they just aren’t as cool as the other people! So I thought I would try a strategy of being quiet, so no one would bother to kill me! It worked until Kailee got voted out, and she was a werewolf. Then Minhal and Michael K ate me, and the werewolves won. It was a super fun game night! I hope there are a bunch more next week!