This game is a mystic battle between shadows, hunters, and neutrals. At the start you get the same amount of shadows and hunters and fill in the rest with neutrals. You may not reveal your card until you want to. You roll you the dice and the number you get is where you go. If you get a 7 you chose where you want to go. If you land there read what it says and if you take a card you may take it. White and black cards have equipment and green our hermit cards which help you see who is who. At the end of your turn you may attack someone on the card next to you on the board (unless you have the handgun) you roll both die unless your special ability on your card says you roll the 4 sided die. The teams are hunters are together who want to kill the shadows. Shadows want to kill the hunters and neutrals have to something else. You win when you win conditions on your card have happened.