In this fun strategic game called shadow hunters there are three different sides with different objectives. There are the hunters. They want to kill the shadows. There are the shadows who want to kill the hunters.  Finally there are the neutral. They have different objectives shown on card. There are four types of cards. First there are the red cards with your character on them. Next there are the green or hermit cards. You pass these to players you think are a certain person. Example If I passed you a hermit card that said If you are a shadow take one damage. Then I would know If you were a shadow or not. The next cards are what I like to call shield or heal card. They are white and can shield you from some attacks and can sometimes heal damage. Finally there are the black cards. They are mostly things to do with weapons. Some of them are weapons that can boost your attact and some can steal weapons from people. There are two dice. One is a six-sided dice and one is a four-sided dice. You roll both and add you the score to decide what place you move to at the beginning of your turn. One of the places tells yyou to take a green card ect. Another place lets you do two damage to someone or heal one damage. Finally at the end of your turn you can attack one person. You roll both dice and add up the total. Then the person who you are attacking does the same. If the attacker has more the defender the defender takes one damage unless the attacker has a good weapon. If the defender has more nothing happens. This is probably my favorite game so far.