As many of you know, this year, 2010-11, will be Mr. Wilson’s last year here at USM before he moves to Florida. He will be missed by many people, from his volleyball team, to his fellow teachers, to his students from the past and students-to-be. He will also be missed here at Thirdfloorgamers.

He was a teacher in Mr. Matera’s summer game camps, and this summer will be the last time he and Mr. Matera will be teaching it together. No more wuzzles in lit class. No more ‘How it should have ended’ YouTube videos instead of latin roots flashcards. No more random songs as you wslk in the classroom. No more funny voices coming from the hallway behind you. No more comic book posters plastered on the walls. No more sixth-grade moments to share with him! No! I will miss that…. No more ‘write your art out’ club meetings. Mr. Wilson is a breath of fresh air. He can make a joke about anything and cheer anyone up. He is a hilarious friend, a valuable teacher, and someone you could count on to cheer you up when you have what feels like twenty times the amount of projects you would like. For those who wish to know what I’m talking about when I say ‘how it should have ended’ movies, I have included an example: