This year I entered the Historical Game Club into an international Secret Santa. The idea behind this program is that you will be assigned someone from another country or maybe your own. Our little club got someone from England. They live in London proper. We looked at his wish list and decided to buy Power Grid + one expansion. This is one of Mr. Matera’s favorite games. We sent it off and we look forward to seeing who got us.

This week we were contacted by our Secret Santa and they gave us some clues and a small task. He was very impressed with our site and all the hard work you guys put into the site. Here is a quote from his email about our site:

“WOW!!!! Mr. Matera! You are one exceptional teacher!
I had only seen the amazing site you have made for your teaching class and I was already amazed. But this…! :surprise::surprise::surprise:
You can clearly see by my extensive use of exclamation marks that I am (very happily) surprised. Creating an on-line community for your students to bond and enjoy this wonderful hobby. CONGRATULATIONS. You deserve a much, much, MUCH wealthier Santa…

Tell you what…
You (or preferably your students) put a wishlist comment in every game you want for your club, stating the reason you want it for. I will pick one (the more effort you spend on this the better are your chances) and I’ll put with the rest… Who knows if you really get into it you might get more than one :whistle:


Max, Julia and Myself worked on putting in our descriptions of games we would like. And we wrote our Santa back. Now we await our box. I can’t wait to see what he had in mind for our club. He gave an earlier hint that makes me think he is from another country but we must wait and see. He said he comes from one of the regions that one of the games are about. My guess is that he is from China and gave us the game “At the Gates of Loyang.

Can’t wait… Check back and see what happens. I will update you when I get the package in. It should come over break.