Once again USM’s Historical Game Club is participating in an international Secret Santa exchange. Our target is from Portugal and he would like some games that we have played here in Game club. Looking at his wish list I would like to buy him Stone Age, Bang, and Ghost Stories (one we have not played but he really wants). I think these would be really good. I hope you guys agree. We have already received our secret Santa gift. We received At the Gates of Loyang and Giro d’Italia. At the Gates of Loyang is a market trading game that takes place in China. It looks like a fun one. The Second one I am really excited about it is a cycling game. Here we are all cyclists trying to win this very famous Italian bike race. There is a lot of strategy in the game having to decide when your racer will make his run. If you break too early you will not have the energy to finish the race; however, brake to late and you will never catch up to the leader.

Both sound fun and this is our second time participating in this activity. I hope we have some fun with it.

Here are the box covers for both games: