This is now my top favorite game. It is of course based off of the revolution. The game it’s self looks hard, but don’t let the looks fool you. It is a pretty simple game. There are different places that you can take over.There are places that are from 20 points, to fifty points! You can even knock out other players peices! When you decide on where you are going to put your blackmail, force, or gold, you have to guess on where the other people are going to place their bets on. This game reminds me of rock paper scissors.  In a bigger sort of way. The force beats all, the blackmail beats gold, and the gold, well, beats nothing. Sometimes you come up with methods with your whole group! Although it may sound crazy, it almost worked… Kind of. You should play this game, or play it again! It is a whole lot of fun!

This week we had a tournament which featured this as the top prize. Each table played two games of Revolution and the top three scores received prizes. We had twelve brave souls try to bring home the victory; However, our champ was Nate R., bringing in 325 points which is an all time high for our club. We will have to see if he can continue to be as successful in future game clubs and turnaments.

I hope you will enjoy this game. It is one of my favs!

Take care…