The eighth game club is a huge day for every member.  This is because……..WE HAD THIS YEARS FIRST TOURNAMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!   Yup you heard right.  This time, it wasn’t just for fun.  rewards were given out for winners, and it was 50 gold doubloons entry fee!  After all, one of the four pillars is take risks, and everybody seemed to be fine with that, because we had around fifteen members for this event!  There were four copies of the game, and so we had 4 different games going on, each with 3 or 4 people playing.  The game we were playing was, Revolution.  In Revolution, players compete to have the most victory points of everyone.   Players bid on what they wanted to achieve, and the highest bidder got the rewards!  Rewards can be victory points, more bidding items, or the ability to place spaces on the board (I will talk about that later).  You can bid with 3 things.  Force, Blackmail, and gold.  Force beats everything,  blackmail beats gold, and gold wins if there is no blackmail or force present.  As quoted by Mr. Matera, “Revolution is a much, much, more advanced version of rock, paper, scissors”.  What the players achieved from their bids was where the game board came in.  The game board had many different areas of it, and you placed your influence cubes on them.  But you couldn’t just go placing them willy nilly, or the game would have no point.  You have to be the highest bidder on certain things to put cubes on certain places.  Once all of these spaces were filled up, the game ends.  If you have the most spaces on any one area of the board, you get the victory points for that designated area at the end of the game.  When the game has ended, you simply total the victory points, and the person with the most wins!  Each table had a unique game taking place on it.  Our game was played with Julia Mr. Matera, and myself.  Even from the early turns, the winner was clear.  Mr. Matera, being a veteran player and excellent strategist, quickly piled up points and game board spaces.  Julia and I struggled behind, collecting the bids that Mr. Matera didn’t already have.  At the start, I had near zero of everything, and the outcome looked grim.  But near the end, I picked up my game, and pulled up with Julia.  Once the end neared, Julia and I had about 60 points, while Mr. Matera was jubilantly cruising along with his well over 100 sum of points.  When the game ended, Julia and I both had 70 points from buildings, which we added to our score (of course Mr. Matera had around double that from buildings).  I ended with 136 points, Julia with 130 and Mr. Matera with a whopping score in the early 200’s.  This score was only matched by Andrews incredible 350 points, and Chris’s 270.  Once all of the scores were totaled, we started eagerly waiting for our skype conference with the designer of the game Revolution!!  We had it, and even though the connection wasn’t fabulous, Phillip Dubarry was very nice, and we had a great time talking with him.  Once this was over, our monumental game club meeting was coming to a close.  But everyone was happy, and I can say for sure that this was the best game club yet!

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