Game Club revisited Revolution tonight, and the overall session was pleasant and was one of the best we’ve had all year. But I’m not here to write about that…. This game club was totally incredible because we received the opportunity to Skype video conference with the creator, Phillip Duberry. Kind of.

After we were finished with our personal revolutions, at 5:00 pm we were able to connect with the game’s creator and talk to him about his game, his personal life, and the process of making a game. We weren’t able to actually hear him due to technical difficulties, but he was able to hear us, and he replied to us through Skype text message. It was difficult at first on his end, but soon we were breezing through our questions.

Phillip answered all of our questions, and left us begging for his new games. One of which is a zoo building game, and the other is a family vacation game. They are both vastly different from Revolution, but I’m sure they will be great games. Plus, an expansion of Revolution, which made us beg to be allowed to play test it. ( His answer was maybe, to the disappointment of many.)Some notable questions, ” How much of the money do you actually earn?” ” Are you making new games?” and one which was promptly answered by Phillip showing us the original model of the game, ” Did you make a prototype of the game?” Also, one which was noticeably awkward for all of us, ” How old are you?” They were many laughs throughout the whole session, and we all had a great time .

Here are some shots of the prototype: