Jamaica is a great game where players compete to race around Jamaica on boats as fast as possible!  This is how the gameplay works.  Each person should always have 3 cards in their hand.  The top corners of the card indicate what it gives you.  To determine how much of the product it gives you, the player whose turn it is (play turns rotate clockwise) rolls the two dice.  Then they arrange the dice whichever way they want.  For example, you could roll the dice and receive a 5 and a 6.  You can make it 5 then 6 OR 6 then 5.  The corresponding corners of your card determine how much you get of what the card indicates.  It can display several things.  A green arrow, meaning move forward the corresponding spaces, a red arrow,  meaning the opposite of the green arrow and cannon, food, and gold icons.  You get a certain amount of chips (gold, food or cannons) depending on the dice roll.  These chips are very useful.  Food is used to feed your crewmates if you have moved to a spot with dots on it.  The number of dots tells you how many food tokens you must pay.  Gold is used in the same way, if there is a yellow number on the space you land, you pay that amount of gold.  Gold also helps your score at the end of the game.  If you do not move your ship that turn, no gold or food is needed.  Cannons are used for when you do battle.  If you land on the same space as another player, you must do battle with them.  To battle, you roll the battle die, and the highest number wins.  You can pay one cannon to add one on to your roll.  If you win the battle, you can take something from their cargo hold, such as food, cannons, or gold.  You can also take one of their treasure cards.  Treasure cards are obtained by landing on a space with a treasure icon FIRST.  They grant you abilities and can be used throughout the game.  The turns repeat themselves until someone reaches the end of the race.  Then the scores are totaled up, depending on where your ship was, how much gold you have, and certain treasure cards that grant you points.  The person with the most points wins!!  Jamaica is a great game for anyone to play, and doesn’t take hours and hours.  Its racing time!