Pitchcar is the game of flicking “race cars” around a track twice trying to come out victorious. The race starts with a jump. The jump is very hard because to make because you need to land on the other side. You could get not enough force and land in the middle of the jump or too much and fly off the table. After you make it over the first jump there is the first turn and a second jump. This one is easier  right? Wrong! It is just as hard. If you can make it over that you have a turn that goes for some weird little curves. This area is pretty challenging because there is only one railing per  curve. If you ride it the wrong way you will surely fall off.  If you survive the curves there is one last turn and then the straight away (unless your on your first lap then go around again). The straight away seems so close and yet so far. If the force you flick the race car is too fast you will go off the jump for the third time and have to wait until your next turn to finish. It is a very fun and challenging game, but very easy to understand. On amazon.com it sells for $54.99 though prices may vary. Also their are some expansions with different tracks. Their is even a Pitchcar Mini. Here is a link to a video of some people playing Pitchcar Mini. Go have fun playing Pitchcar and as always Happy Gaming.

Pitchcar Mini