Its, Pitchcar!  The new way to race!  Flick it, hit it, get to the finish line!  Pitchcar is an Pitch Carawesome game in which numerous players compete to get to the goal first on a mini racetrack.  This is done by flicking your chip to the finish by menuvering around twists, turns and jumps.  Players take turns flicking their piece towards the goal in attempt to get there first.  But you cant go flicking willy-nilly, or else the game would have no point.  If your chip goes of the board, then you have to put it back where it was before.  Also if your car flips upside down after your flick, you have to spend a turn putting it rightside up again.  And you cant jump over more than two spaces if your car goes into the air.  The game is simple but takes a steady hand and a strategic mind.  Pitchcar is a great game to play with lots of people, family, or friends.  Are you ready to race?

Pitch Car