The night of November 4th was a very memorable night. The night started out with everyone filing in to Mr. Matera’s waiting to find out how the game club was going to work. A couple minutes after we settled in, our first guest of night, Mr. Bartz, came in like a celebrity at a party. After Mr. matera explained the rules to everyone, We scrambled to either Mrs. Schwebel’s room, or stayed in Mr. Matera’s room. The game in Mr. Matera’s room would be three laps and the one in Mrs. Schwebel’s Room would be two laps because it was pretty big. The pitch car games would take way too long to explain fully, so I am going to tell you the readers digest version. The game in Mrs. Schwebel’s room was only going to be two laps, so we would have to scramble to get across the finish line first. There were three jumps to be made over the entire track, and that messed up a whole lot of teams who were in or close to first place. The Game in Mr. Matera’s room had A lot of pushing people back and forth because we used a lot of the track multiple times ( someone can probably explain it better in the comments). The good thing was though, that there was only one jump that was fairly easy to make. In the two games I played, Charlie and Brandon miraculously won both game and scored a total of two wins in one day. After the game were over, we quieted down a played a nice game of good old beanbag.

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